LED Christmas Reindeer


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Illuminate Your Holidays with Vibrant LED Neon Christmas Rope Light Reindeer! 🎄✨

Our Christmas rope light reindeer go beyond the ordinary, featuring brilliantly bright LED Neon lights that outshine traditional rope lights in both luminosity and durability. Elevate your festive décor with these stunning silhouettes that promise to bring light and joy to any space—whether adorning windows, gardens, walls, and more!

LED Christmas Reindeer Key Features:

  • Brighter and Long-Lasting: Experience the brilliance of LED Neon lights that surpass the brightness and longevity of conventional rope lights, ensuring a radiant and enduring holiday display.
  • Warm White Illumination: All items are adorned with warm white LED lights, creating a mesmerizing ambiance when lit, casting a cosy and inviting glow to enhance the festive atmosphere.
  • Versatile Use: Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, these rope light silhouettes provide flexibility in decorating various spaces, from your living room to the garden, spreading holiday cheer throughout.
  • Safe Low Voltage Operation: Each silhouette comes complete with a safe low voltage transformer, prioritizing safety while delivering a stunning visual impact.
  • Generous Lead Wire: With a 10m lead wire, you have the freedom to creatively arrange and display these enchanting silhouettes, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into your holiday décor.


  • Dimensions: 43cm W x 74cm H
  • Complete with metal stand

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