Multiwall Fixing Buttons + Screws White 10-35mm


Each bag of 10 fixing buttons includes: 10 x Fixing Buttons, 10 x Screwhole Covers, and 10 x Screws 10 Foam Compression Gaskets

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Fixing Buttons are used to give additional fixing strength, particularly where wind loading is a consideration.

The 50mm wide button which is designed to secure multiwall polycarbonate sheet to timber supports The fixing buttons are to be screwed through pre-drilled holes in the sheet into the rafter. Holes should be drilled oversize by 3mm.

The sheet should be drilled before fitting to allow dirt, dust and swarf to be removed from the flutes.

The foam washer should be fitted between the button and the sheet as natural thermal expansion will mean the sheet will move when fitted. The screw is protected by a cover cap.

We recommend that Fixing buttons should be fitted at 300mm intervals.

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