PALGLAS® Flat Acrylic Sheet


PALGLAS flat extruded acrylic (PMMA) sheets offers clarity, light transmission, and UV resistance that is comparable to glass, but with half the weight.  PALGLAS opens up a world of design options for designers, including small fabricated or milled items, POP displays, signage, visual communication, transparent furniture, and more. Applications such as highway acoustic barriers can be designed with a sense of artistry and style thanks to PALGLAS solid acrylic sheet resistance to gases emitted from vehicles. Whether cutting, machining, bending or finishing, PALGLAS acrylic sheets are fabrication-friendly. With only simple hardware store tools, you can fabricate PALGLAS acrylic sheets and achieve a high quality finished product.

Product Dimensions:

1525mm x 2050mm – 4m

2050mm x 3050mm – 4m

1525mm x 2050mm – 5m

2050mm x 3050mm – 5m

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Main Benefits
  • Clear – up to 92% light transmission
  • Inherently UV resistant
  • Stronger than glass and less than half its weight
  • High gloss appearance
  • Can be formed and fabricated
  • Easy to mount
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good thermal insulation
Typical Applications
  • High traffic acoustic barriers
  • Lightweight high-clarity glazing
  • Attractive fabricated items
  • Transparent furniture
  • Light fixtures
  • Illuminated and dimensional signage
  • POP displays

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1830mm x 1220mm, 1525mm x 2050mm, 2050mm x 3050mm


4mm, 5mm

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