‘SUNLITE Multiwall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet

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Enjoy natural daylight with optimal thermal performance and a stylish appearance. Take your outdoor living space to the next level with SUNLITE DIY. With a variety of colors and transparencies available, you can achieve the ideal balance between shade and light. With half the weight of glass, SUNLITE is easy to handle and install in any home remodeling project. Suitable for clear patio roofs, privacy partitions, DIY skylights, covered pergolas, covered carport canopies, hobby greenhouses, etc.

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Our Sunlite™ sheets have a high light transmission, blocks virtually all UV radiation, is easy to handle and has a high-performance fire rating. This material can be used for a vast array of applications, but is most commonly used in Carports Roofing, Pergolas, Conservatories and Polytunnels.

Both the sheet(s) ends will be pre-taped with aluminium and anti-dust tape. The aluminium tape is placed at the top of the sheet and the anti-dust at the bottom of the sheet.
We will always endeavour to keep to your measurements however, there is an industry standard tolerance of +/- 5mm when cutting.
The maximum sheet size we can offer is 2100mm x 7000mm (WxL).
The flutes in the material run parallel to the length of the sheet.
This material is cut to your individual requirements; therefore, they are bespoke and non-returnable.
Our data sheets can provide you with additional information on this product. Please contact us for further guidance.

Information/ Features
  • This material range is Class 1 Fire Rating BS476/7.
  • If you do not require these sheets to be taped, this must be clearly requested at the time of purchase. The tape is a preventive measure against dirt and debris entering the flute of the material. The open ends of the sheets need to be sealed with sheet closures.
  • We cannot guarantee where the blade lands when cutting the sheets, so it is not possible to ensure hard edges on all panels.
  • Please store and lay this material flat in a cool, dry place prior to installation.

Additional information

Thickness (mm)

6, 10, 16, 25


2.10m x 1m, 1.05m x 1m, 2.10m x 3m, 2.10m x 6m, 2.10m x 7m, 1.05m x 3m, 1.05m x 7m, 1.05m x 6m, 1.05m x 3.5m, 2.1m x 7m, 2.1m x 3.5m, 1.05 m x 7m

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