SUNTUF Clear Poly Box Industrial Profile Sheets (MW5)

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SUNTUF Clear Poly Box Industrial profile is available in various sizes with a thickness of 1.3mm. This high-quality polycarbonate sheet is designed for industrial applications, providing excellent durability and light transmission.

Clear Polycarbonate sheets are a versatile and durable material used in various applications due to their remarkable properties. These sheets are known for their high impact resistance, making them virtually unbreakable and ideal for safety applications. Polycarbonate also offers excellent UV protection which makes them suitable for greenhouses, skylights, rooflights.

Additionally, polycarbonate sheets are lightweight yet strong, providing a cost-effective and easy-to-handle solution for many construction and DIY projects. They are also highly transparent, allowing for excellent light transmission, comparable to glass, but without the risk of shattering.

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1830 mm x 1070 mm, 2440 mm x 1070 mm, 3050 mm x 1070 mm, 3660 mm x 1070 mm, 4267 mm x 1063 mm, 4876 mm x 1070 mm, 5486 mm x 1070 mm, 6096 mm x 1070 mm

Product Dimensions

AssembledInternalDoor Dimensions EavesBase Dimensions

Covering Area: m2 / ft2

Storage Area: N/A / N/A

Product Volume: N/A / N/A

Product Specifications

Tickness: 1.3mm

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